Are Sheertex Tights Worth the Investment? The “Unbreakable” Sheer Pantyhose

Let me be real. I don’t like stockings or tights. They aren’t because I don’t like them. Because I bought a new pair of stockings, it means that I have damaged or snatched a pair from the past and thrown it in the trash. It is now destined to slowly decay in an NYC landfill.

Replacing lingerie sucks. Why is clothing not durable?

Sheertex suggests that it might. The hosiery startup claims it can make “unbreakable tights.” As with many Oyster Lingerie startups, I was skeptical. As with all clothing and lingerie, hosiery doesn’t always work perfectly. The company claims that its fiber is stronger than steel, but traditional nylon is just as strong. These tights are amazing! I was determined to find the answer.

Sheertex’s Classic Sheer Tights

These tights are more expensive than $5 sheers at your local discount shop. These tights are even more expensive than brand Wolford at the full price. But! Sheertex has “daily sales”, which are ongoing on selected items, including their top sellers. strongly recommend waiting to purchase an item until it is at least 50% off. You’ll end up overpaying.

Classic Sheer Tights cost $99 at full-price, but they are almost always marked down by $49. This is a good price for high-quality tights.

I am 155 lbs and bought the M size. They fit well, and they don’t roll or sag.

The waistband does roll a little and digs into my waist. It’s not uncomfortable and it was expected with my squishy body. It does mean that I would not be able to wear them with a tight-fitting gown unless I had a defined waist. They fit like a $50 pair.

The fabric’s uniqueness was the first thing that I noticed. It feels smoother than most nylon/spandex tights. It feels more like a pair of running tights or leggings on the body. It looks more like a pair of classic sheers.

Sheertex will send you a small package with a sample and tights from their fabric. This allows you to test its “unbreakable”, sturdiness to your heart’s content. This is genius. I know I wanted my tights to be ruined immediately! This small sample will stop most people from ripping their tights for science.

I am not like most people. I was ready to get rid of these tights.

Testing Sheertex’s “Unbreakable” Sheers

Okay, so I didn’t stab them with a knife or anything. However, I tried out everyday actions that I’d never do while wearing sheers.

My Sheertex sheer tights lasted me three days.

  • I don’t do manicures or pedicures. (I am a runner and an artist so my broken fingers and heel calluses are great for destroying tights!)
  • No socks on Dr. Martens 1460s Docs 1460s without socks. (Anyone who has worn Docs knows how damaging they can be to your ankle skin and your hosiery.
  • A Lirika Mattoshi tulle skirt in a glitter appliqués. (This fabric is cheap and catches on all.
  • My cat and some treats. (Enough said.)


And you know what? They didn’t drip or run. They didn’t break.

The fibers might become separated if you run a claw or a nail over your thigh. However, the threads won’t fall apart. It is possible to put them back together and they will look as good as new. Wild!

Although the boots left some marks on my ankle from the boot, the fabric is almost opaque at the thinnest parts of my leg so you won’t be able to see them. The glittery skirt created pull lines around my hips or “twisted threads”, according to Sheertex. These can be either massaged out or pulled out by pulling on one side of the line. Despite pulling hard, I have not had much success with this.

These aren’t things that bother me. If you are looking for tights that will last forever, this is not the place for you. I don’t believe you’ll find it anywhere else. The laws of physics remain in force.


Final thoughts on the Sheertex Tights

Sheertex was very suspicious of me. These sheers did not run despite being treated with rough care. You can expect Sheertex tights to last for many, many years if you treat them with the same care that your regular tights.

This makes Sheertex some of the most environmentally-friendly hosiery out there. These are the ones I will be buying next time I need basic stockings or tights.

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