Cordoba’s 15TM is undoubtedly among the grown-up models in our graph of their very ideal newcomer ukuleles, since it isn’t just really a soprano or a concert — it’s really a tenor, that will be ideal for mature beginners. There is just 1 way to get out…

Human body & Neck

To start, the 15TM seems to be wonderful and can be on average Cordoba in its own build, using good workmanship and elegant detailing. Even the tenor sized human anatomy (26″) is bigger compared to normal newcomer’s soprano or concert uke, therefore it would attract adults and individuals which have marginally bigger hands as everything is only just a tad bit more generously spaced over the fretboard.

The human body of this 15TM it self is manufactured entirely out of laminated timber, with a slick lace finish and protective lotion ABS binding across the back and top. The soundhole rosette can also be rather striking, with a ring of abalone inserted to get just a little glitz. Nice.



Unlike a few others within our newcomer’s graph, the 15TM does not include a situation or attachments the complete price that you pay goes towards the total cost of this ukulele it self. This really is a great thing in this example, as this indicates Cordoba may add a few top excellent hardware, like the particular silver tuners with pearl pruning buttons. The uke also offers a rosewood bridge, also a combo nut and saddle and includes equipped with a fantastic group of Aquila tenor strings.


Perhaps for children or people that need the sparkly sound they will have learned from average soprano ukuleles, the 15TM might well not be exactly what you are searching for. The look, woods, and build-quality all feel special for its inexpensive price, as the noise really is amazing.

Poly-foam Case

The Cordoba 30T is one of Cordoba’s modern show having a boutique line. Be aware that the full approach sold Tenor is from the perspective of classical or Spanish guitar construction. What’s more, Cordoba uses Spanish heels along with the incorporated neck joint; it’s neglected to make work with of a dovetail joint that’s normal to be certain it connects the throat and the Ukulele human anatomy.

This structured method offers you a heel combined that’s far stable and lighter weight, which arouses resonance, and you’re not as prone to undergo movement, specially once the Ukulele ages. On show 30, thus adopting his vision to build the Ukuleles using construction ways of conventional Spanish.

You have to know that 30T Tenor features a traditional mixture of those solid wood sides, back, and high, supplying a balanced and hot solid and maximum lightweight. A result of these features making the system popular within the business.

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