What Every Great Realtor Does?

It’s a question that many real estate brokers get asked on a regular basis by people who aren’t in the industry. We all know that becoming an agent entails a lot of work. What, on the other hand, are some of the daily routines that distinguish the finest agents?

Here’s a list of five things we discovered top real estate agents do every day to establish – and sustain – a successful business, organized like a day in the life of an agent:

1. Keep in touch

This is an excellent way to begin your day. Make more here in your workplace or at a Starbucks to see what you missed over the weekend. Return phone calls, answer emails, and respond to social media posts. Examine any pending sales contracts or agreements. Plan out the social media content you’ll post this week (more on that below). Also, remember to prepare for your day: Review all scheduled showings and double-check market statistics and trends to ensure you’re prepared to address any queries that may arise.

2. Promote Yourself

We’ll break this down into four major marketing parts, each of which is critical to growing your brand and business.

Social media: You can do the majority of your social interaction during your follow-up. Wouldn’t it make sense to respond to your Twitter mentions and Facebook comments first thing in the morning, just as you would your calls, messages, and emails? We won’t fight with you if you believe social media is less personable. However, if prospective clients notice your speedy response times on social media – which is quite likely considering how frequently we’re all on it – that’s another marketing weapon in and of itself.

Blogging: Blogging, like social media, is a platform for agents to share their knowledge and thoughts. You don’t have to create 1,500-word posts three times a week, or even once a day; all you have to do is keep your website and social media feeds fresh. Blogging is a terrific method to a) keep your material fresh, b) educate former/current/potential clients, and c) stay on top of national, regional, and local trends by studying and writing about them. By sharing your pieces on social media, you can increase traffic to your website and promote your brand. Here’s an interesting and in-depth look at why blogging can be beneficial that we found.

Networking: This can also be done through social media, but don’t expect a successful lead to come from thousands of online friends and followers. Attend local community events on a regular basis to put your presence out there and hand out business cards. Get to know and maintain in touch with those who can suggest you to their clients, such as appraisers, lenders, and insurance providers, who can make the house buying/selling process go more smoothly.

Traditional marketing: While you can perform most marketing from your phone, don’t forget the basics. Make sure all of your promotional items, such as business cards, flyers, postcards, signage, and banners, are up to date and innovative.

3. Possibility

Every client and sale starts with a lead, so it’s no surprise that producing new leads is one of the most crucial parts of your day. Over the phone or on social media, keep tabs on your sphere of influence, as well as their family and friends. Check in with previous clients on a regular basis so you’re the first person they think of when they need a reference — here are three tips on how to do that. Look for “For Sale By Owner” and “Expired” ads. Always be on the lookout for possible clients and work the phones constantly. Make an effort to interact with everyone that walks through the door when having an open house. You won’t be able to perform all of these things on a regular basis due to your hectic schedule, but set aside a few hours each day to generate leads.

4. Make yourself available

Your morning routine of answering calls, texts, and social media posts shouldn’t cease after your second cup of coffee; it should be a continuous process. You never know when your next lead will arrive, so always answer as soon as possible when you have free time. Your attention to detail will pay off when it comes to converting leads into clients and sales.

5. Continual Education

It’s more than just making sure your license/certification is current. It’s all about being current on trends, technology, available listings, mortgage rates, real estate regulations and procedures, and so on. In many aspects of life, but especially in real estate, it is critical to continue your education.

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