Finest Epic Champion guide for RAID: Shadow Legends

Knight Errant

Knight Errant could be a favorite RSL tier list character in his finest on dungeon struggles because of his D E F buff aura however across other game manners his general capacity continues to be top-tier over the positions of most winners that are epic. His very first skill, Half-Sword, that dismisses 30 percent of their enemy’s shield also features a 30% possibility of putting a Leech debuff on his own target.

Mordhau is an equally potent skill having a 60% chance to stun an enemy for only 1 twist. Assessing an enemy using this particular specific skill ignites all Knight-Errants skill cool-down periods and that’s a fairly beneficial skill impact. Death Warrant can throw Weaken within an enemy for two ends using a 25 percent chance and does double damage once the knight errant’s HP is still currently full.

An attack-based winner that brings about various debuffs within an enemy would be fantastic to have about any team, of course in the event that you figure out how to obtain knight errant on your draws, then you need to not be afraid to spend money on him. The Most Elementary harm boosters such as crime and crucial Pace Are the very best sets for knight errant even although you’re only with him for dungeons. Contemplating various different places, there aren’t any close instant alternatives.


High Elves faction is still also an Extremely potent guardian and Debuffer around all game modes. His 25 percent D E F boosting atmosphere leaves him a fantastic choice if you want a massive defense boost for the own team. This is a power that strikes two enemies with a 40 percent chance of cutting attack worth by 50 percent for two full turns, which makes him an excellent disabler for its enemy team’s hurt traders.

Singing Steel, even though takes more time to trigger, price damage to enemies also has a 75% chance of cutting defense worth by 60 percent. Already notable as it’s, enemies that have a Reduce ATK debuff to these will likely probably soon be put on Sleep status for 1 twist as well in case the de-crease D E F strikes.

Tayrel additionally features a pre-emptive Attack skill that could lower an enemy’s twist meter in half, of course, whether or not it induces an enemy’s twist meter to completely obliterated, that competitor is going to be stunned for two turns.

Tayrel can be a clear selection for team slots for both control and defense and ought to be invested in as he’ll give you to become an advantage even upto endgame conflicts and conflicts. As his strikes derive from D E F worth, a defense group will be Feel free to chip within an Accuracy subset to additional boost likelihood of hitting on enemies along with his abilities.


Zargala is the Kind of winner That May Be dressed differently To fit your preferences of course in the event that you have her on your roster, then you can find lots of things to think about before beginning taking care of her.

Zargala, much elementary skill, Tear Aside, might not sound much with a 50 percent chance to weaken an enemy unit from 25 percent but her 3rd ability, squirt Armor, that strikes all enemies three days also includes a 50 percent possibility of setting a60% reduction D E F debuff on enemies for two functions after the initial strike.

While this really is a wonderful skill by itself, Zargala’s next skill, Devastate, could mechanically trigger Crack Armor in case it strikes and kills an enemy. If it isn’t sufficient to astound you, then she has an air that fosters allies’ accuracy by 40 across all conflicts.

Even though Zargala’s build appears to shout for one to flex her. With a crime set, she includes a fantastic enough degree of defense along with HP at the same time. Therefore, it’s going to likewise be a great option to think about pushing more survivability by casting in a lifesteal place on her behalf coupled together with crime.


Demonspawn faction is rather exceptional because her Abilities count upon two stat attributes. Though compensation out of her two offensive skills relies upon ATK worth, what makes her a great winner is her next skill, Unholy Contract.

Unholy Contract fans allies with a 50 percent Ally Protection for just two functions and additionally places a Shield fan on Nazana herself for two functions. As the protection value is dependent upon her behalf maximum HP.

Nazana does not always have air abilities nevertheless also the security which Unholy Contract provides significantly a lot more than makes it up. Nazana’s Steel Breaker skill contributes to her value also it aims at all the enemies also has a 50 percent chance to cut ATK worth by half for two functions.

This winner is a person you’d like to take across plenty of game styles, of course, should assemble properly, is going to soon be a certain advantage on your team.

The very Easiest Way to use Nazana would be to construct around her Unholy Contract skill. As a result, your priority, even concerning gear, ought to be a lifetime collection.

Since you’ll like to throw Unholy Contract after possible as well you can equip yourself with a rate in conjunction with the entire life collection. Do not listen to coping nondamage since Nazana’s offensive skills count upon her behalf ATK values. Unholy Contract and the debuff consequence of Steel Breaker is everything you may have to have away from her.


Probably among the Top support winners at the Game and will definitely present an extremely noticeable effect on any team he’s part of. His very first skill, misfortune, features a 50% possibility of removing a random enthusiast from an enemy.

If that is not striking by itself, re-surge fills up the entire team’s turn meter with 1-5 %, which might not seem much by itself, but combined with a 50% strike boost for two full twists causes a wonderful enthusiast. His high skill is Animate, which revives an ally using 25 percent HP then heals the entire party by a second 25 percent HP.

These skills create Golgorab an unbelievable winner on most of the game styles beyond the arena. Since Golgorab’s aura skill improves the team’s SP D by 23 percent from the stadium, he’ll most likely be a high tier candidate for pioneer init because you’d need simply to charge on fiving him a longer rate.

You’d wish to include a greater rate to Golgorab to trigger Animate As quickly as possible. In Conjunction with a rate collection, lifesteal is a Great Decision to lengthen his stay in conflict and boost his survivability. In almost any case, the rate is going to be your priority for places accompanied closely by whatever to make him Stay more in conflict.

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